Psychedelic Curious Audience Package

We tap into forward-thinking media consumers so you can sit back and relax. We'll do all the work for you.

Psychedelic Spotlight

Psychedelic Spotlight is shaping the rapidly-expanding psychedelics cultural narrative with our forward-thinking, multi-multimedia news and information channels. We're reaching a highly-targeted demographic of psychedelic and wellness-focused individuals, creating connections and sharing your message with the right audience for your business.

Our Reach

Our influence has earned us the #1 ranking position under Psychedelic News on Google, while consistently ranking on Google News for associated industry keywords.

Partnering with our platform through our editorial, audio, and social media work is the simple, fast, and effective way to tap into the power of the psychedelics industry, getting your message in front of thousands of targeted customers.

Curious Audience

Our audience age ranges between 25 -40 yrs. 45% female & 55% male.

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68% Buy Products from E-Commerce

Wellness products

73% Buy Wellness Products


32% Use Supplements

Health food products

32% Buy Health Food Products

Editorial Opportunities

Harness Psychedelic Spotlight's dedicated readership and inform an engaged community about your brand! Our website ranks #1 for psychedelic news and is consistently ranking at the top of Google News for key phrases in the psychedelic and wellness spaces, catapulting your brand into the top with the following reach:

  • 1M+ monthly page views
  • 122K+ new monthly readers
  • 1.2M+ monthly impressions
  • 300K+ monthly visits

We offer short and long-form SEO-optimized editorial pieces on our website. Our written content packages are offered in three tiers:

All editorials can also be published on or

Spotlight Media Corporation editorial opportunities
Spotlight Media Corporation podcast opportunities

Podcast Opportunities

Dial into an engaged audience eager to know more about mental health, general wellness, and new discoveries by featuring your company on the Psychedelic Spotlight Podcast.

Each 30 to 40-minute episode features you and your brand story and dives deep into your vision.

  • 34K+ Listens
  • 500 downloads each week

All podcasts are shared across our social channels and include a 1- minute teaser post which is boosted to drive traffic to your featured episode. Podcast packages are charged per episode.

Newsletter Inclusion

With an open rate of 30% on average, we have one of the highest engagement metrics in the psychedelic newsletter industry.

Running a banner advertisement plus messaging in our weekly blast will guarantee a captive audience and promote the clicks and visits your website is looking for.

Looking to share your offerings in a more robust way to our massive email list?
We can schedule an entire email separate from our weekly newsletters that focus just on your company for the right clients.

It's true. Email-marketing campaigns are the most effective way to create hefty lead generation and customer conversions for your products and services.
Included per email blast: 2 Images and 300 words of copy.

  • 26,000 Subscribers

We offer short and long-form SEO-optimized editorial pieces on our website. Our written content packages are offered in three tiers:

All Newsletter/email blasts can be ran from our Technical 420 lists or our On The Bids

Spotlight Media Corporation newsletter opportunities
Spotlight Media Corporation banner ad opportunities

Banner Opportunities

Banner ads are the fastest way to get your brand, service or product noticed on our website. Our audience is highly-curated and interested in learning more about your psychedelic-focused, health and wellness, or lifestyle brand.

With over 1M web views per month, we're poised as one of the few leaders in psychedelic and wellness-related online content.

We offer 3 banner sizes per package. Choose between our Silver or Gold placements!

Silver: Guaranteed 200,000 impressions/month
Gold: Guaranteed 300,000 impressions/month

  • 300 Clicks Per Month

All banners can be run on our or

Social Opportunities

Over 52K+ Followers in Total

Get in front of your target audience by selecting our social media package. We'll design a custom post that will link back to your social accounts!

Every post we make on behalf of clients will resonate across our social platforms and be boosted for a broader or specific geo-targeted reach.

Get blasted across our:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
Spotlight Media Corporation social media opportunities

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