Advertising restricted products

Search Engine Marketing – We advertise where they're searching.


Advertising is a meaningful way to promote your product and build a brand. However, advertising in the psychedelics market is difficult, even for legal services such as ketamine clinics.

Strict Rules

Google and Facebook have strict rules around prohibited products and keywords, and many advertisers have lost advertising accounts due to advanced keyword detection in ad copy and landing pages.

Secret Sauce

Spotlight Media is no stranger to driving traffic towards content containing prohibited keywords, and has figured out a 'secret sauce' for funneling audiences to educational and informational content that converts leads.

What’s Included

We'll work with your messaging to create content that drives traffic to your website without getting flagged. Our team will include strategic SEM and Advertising techniques to reach geo-targeted queries and curious readers.

IP-Detection Pop-Up Ads
Psychedelic Spotlight is known as an educational leader in the psychedelic space. Therefore our most-read content caters to informational guides and is explanatory. Reach readers in specific geo-locations with pop-up banners on relevant content that targets clients with intent.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
We use smart long-tail and alternative keyword queries that drive traffic to your website and carefully crafted lead pages that funnel customers with the intent to buy right to your digital doorstep for bookings/sales.
Social Advertising
Many social media accounts that use prohibited keywords get flagged or shut down quickly. We've seen what happened in the Cannabis space and have adapted. Spotlight Media knows how to run effective ads without getting flagged.
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