Real Estate and Psychedelic-assisted Therapy with Ty Zakovich, Daniel Carcillo, and Cody Shandraw

by Psychedelic Spotlight

January 12, 2023

Episode Summary

In this conversation, we hear from Healing REIT Founder and CEO, Ty Zakovich who is bringing his several years of real estate knowledge and expertise to this project and with the intent of helping to expand the availability of psychedelic treatment in cities across the US.

We also hear from Daniel Carcillo who is the COO of Healing REIT and also the CEO of Wesana Health, a data-driven life science company pioneering drug development within the psychedelics sector. Daniel helps to breakdown the meticulous fundamentals behind transforming existing mental health clinics into those that are capable of safely, responsibly, and effectively incorporating psychedelic treatment into their service offerings.

And we hear from Cody Shandraw, Founder and President of Healing REIT, and also Managing Partner for Ambria Capital, a capital fund that has invested millions of dollars into the emerging psychedelics sector over the past few years. Cody shares his thoughts on why now is the perfect time to launch a psychedelic-focused REIT and how he hopes it will inspire a surge in accessibility to these transformative therapies and medicine.

You can learn more about Healing REIT over at

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