Discussing Mindset Pharma’s 2022 Milestones and Future Plans with James Lanthier

by Psychedelic Spotlight

December 22, 2022

Episode Summary

Welcome to an exciting episode of Spotlight Media Podcast.

In this episode, Spotlight Media CEO David Flores sits down with James Lanthier, CEO of Mindset Pharma. Mindset Pharma is a Toronto-based drug discovery company focused on creating novel and patentable psychedelic compounds for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders with multiple programs moving to a clinical stage.

In this conversation, David and James discuss the great deal of work that Mindset has done to set the stage for the launch of one or more drug candidates into first in-human clinical trials in 2023.  They also discuss some of the impressive advancements that the Company has accomplished with its lead psychedelic drug candidate, MSP-1014, and Mindset's latest partnership with PharmaLa, which allowed the drug discovery company  to make use of their patent-pending and highly scalable psilocybin synthesis technology.

Mindset also partnered up with Cybin in 2021 which allowed the Company to gain access to their novel delivery technologies and formulations to deliver purified and potent psychedelic molecules. All these accomplishments made by Mindset Pharma are ultimately paving the way for successful clinical advancement towards approval and commercialization of psychedelic medicines.

You can find Mindset Pharma trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol $MSET and on the American OTC market under the symbol $MSSTF.

*To learn more about Mindset Pharma visit their website: MindsetPharma.com

Episode Notes

Welcome to an exciting episode of Spotlight Media Podcast.

You can stay in touch with James Lanthier and Mindset Pharma over at:

• Twitter: @JamesLanthier and @MindsetPharma
• Instagram: @mindset_pharma

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