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Where others tend to see challenges or obstacles, we see opportunities to break through barriers and interrupt the status quo to make a positive impact. By blending artistry, creativity, and a strong business acumen, SMC produces inspiring multimedia-driven content uniquely showcasing the subject matter, ideas, people, communities, and companies actively shaping a better future.

Unfortunately, most of these exciting, promising narratives are kept in the shadows, or even denigrated, by the mainstream media. This is why SMC steps in to restore the balance and place a spotlight on people unseen and stories untold.

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What are your areas of focus as an alternative media company?
SLM showcases future healing modalities and invites narratives around the integration of new, ancient, and advancing medical practices. From cannabis and psychedelic therapy to consumer products that enhance our daily stress-filled lives, SLM educates an eager audience of biohackers and wellness seekers.
What separates Spotlight from the competition?
There is no competition. We’re the first future healing media company. We don’t pigeonhole ourselves into one single approach to wellness, rather we produce content about all of it! There are media brands who consider themselves ‘alternative’ or ‘subculture’ and or ‘sensational’, we write and cover the future intersections of mental hygiene and wellness.
What process should I expect if I wanted to get the ball rolling?
Send us a note, and one of our Psych representatives from the media production department will reach back in no time! From there we will set up a discovery call to learn more about you, your vision, and how you or your company is making an impact in this space. We tend to build ecosystems around brands, and individuals using our media outlets and channels, and customize packages that best fit your company's unique branding objectives.
Do you work with startups - What does that look like?
Startups are the future; we’re a future media company. The answer is yes. We understand the bootstrapped reality of startups and offer a wide range of media solutions and partnerships for that reason. Simply say hello, and we’ll chat about your vision.
How do I get a quote from Spotlight Media Corp?
Drop us a line by filling out the form here. We’ll chat about your project and send you a quote once we understand the scope of your media dream!